Q1.How do I get a quotation?
ANS: You can either come to visit us with measurement in hand, or simply fax/email it to our office. The fax number is 757-459-9908. Email is globalhomedecorinc@gmail.com. We will then estimate the price for you. This is not the final measurement that will be used, so don’t worry about being exact at this time. We will send our measurement guy to take the exact final measurement once the order is made.

Q2. Do you provide fabrication and installation services?
ANS: Yes, our professional staff handle everything from beginning to end including measuring, templating, fabrication, and installation.

Q3. How come your price is so good compared to your competitors?
ANS: First of all, we are a direct importer, so that we can sell at low prices. The pre-fab granite makes a huge difference in terms of money saving. With much of the work already done, it saves you a great deal. Our goal is to provide our customers affordable luxury.

Q4. Do I have to seal my granite countertops?
ANS: Yes. All natural stone products should be sealed at least once in a year.  It is very easy to seal the counter top. Spray the sealer on the surface and rub thoroughly; wait for a few minutes; wipe it off with a soft cloth.

Q5. Does granite scratch?
ANS: Granite is highly resistant to scratch. It is the second hardest natural substance next to diamonds.

Q6. How does granite deal with heat?
ANS: Granite is completely impervious to heat. Unlike synthetics that can be easily damaged from a hot pot or pan, you can place any scorching hot item directly on the stone.

Q7. Are your cabinets 100% wood?
ANS: All of our cabinets are 100% wood, stained in different colors. The drawer fronts and doors made of 100% solid wood. The box is made of 100% plywood. None of our wood products are made from compressed wood.